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Hey gang, Dave Donhoff, your advisor at leverage planners, wealth management, and a bit of a different, unique, um, unique video, uh, conversation here today. So this is a little sensitive buckle up a little time here. I want to share, first of all, started rye right off the bat with a bit of a story of my background, my history, my mom. So, uh, years ago, uh, my mom and dad got separated in divorce and my mom moved out to the boonies of Southern Idaho, uh, for the purpose of enjoying her lifetime dream of being a cowgirl, a farm girl. So she went out and moved out and this was by the way, when her early seventies, um, she went and bought a, uh, a home on just a shy acre in between, in the middle of nowhere, between two big, uh, potato farms. I mean, literally nothing to the right of her, nothing to let of her, nothing but potatoes behind her, the only people nearby was she had three neighbors across the street who also lived in the middle of the farm.

So, um, my mom was joy in it having a blast. She got herself, uh, she built a little corral and had a few mini horses and it was just living, living the life, just loved it and went out to, I went out and visited her once in a while, but, uh, this was in mid seventies. My mom grew up, she was frugal. Uh, she was always cautious with their money, but she wasn’t sophisticated. And she counted on getting help from neighbors from other people, and which is the way it works in rural America. And it was great, great community, good time. But, uh, as time went on and she began to slow down a little bit and, uh, she began to gradually have, uh, some cognitive issues. And, uh, my mom was always a little bit dyslexic anyway. And so she was a nurse, a heart as big as all Texas. So she was very giving, all was very giving. And when she began to slow down in some areas of rural America, those people will take advantage of you. And they found her. And I was very, very fortunate because her banker at that point in time, who she had developed a friendly relationship in town with, uh, he had me on her record card as her first of her first trusted contact, uh, me first and my brother second ad when he started to see some interesting checks coming through with my mom’s signature to people that he hadn’t seen her write checks to before for amounts that were larger than normal, he thought it was strange. And, uh, he checked with her and she didn’t really remember too much. And so he called me glad he did because sure enough, uh, we discovered that she was being preyed upon and taken advantage of, And it was a great thing that he had a second in command or a trusted contact card for her to reach out to you.

Now, the reason why she didn’t call us my brother and I, she was afraid as she was beginning to lose control and slow down, she was afraid of losing her freedom. She was afraid that her sons would swoop in and cut off her lifestyle, which is of course what we did not want to do, but we also didn’t want her to get ripped off. So we got her protected, we got her support or got her health eventually, uh, when she could no longer keep herself, uh, in her place on her own. We got her relocated initially out here to Bothell, a beautiful community where I took care of her out here. And then she moved down south to Southern California, where she was really near my brother. Uh, and this is all because we had supporting contacts that help us keep track.

Why am I bringing this all up? Well, we’d like to say our leverage partners, clients are our family, and we just pretend to be financial advisors. It’s kind of upside down and backwards, but that is really the truth. And our retirement demographic is all mostly all roughly a little bit younger, a little bit older. My, my, my mom, some of you are younger than me. Okay. Uh, true. But, uh, but as we get older, uh, we all have a quote unquote deadline, and we all have a shelf life.

Uh, if we’re fortunate to live long enough, many of us start to slide off a little bit and here at leverage pointers in our office, because we reach out and we have annual reviews and connect with all of you. Um, we start to see that and we are concerned and we’re always care we’re we always care. So, but some of you, we don’t have a second in command or a second connection, a contact to reach out to, and we want to protect you. We understand you’ve got your freedom. You’ve spent your life to build up your freedom and that’s supported by your control of your own finances. I’m very sensitive to that. I’m also very sensitive to people praying on our family. So with your home, with your balance, we want to help you.

We need you to double check that we have a good second contact for you and even a third contact for you. Because if we start talking with you and we noticed that you’re asking the same questions over and over that we’ve already answered. We’re going to want to try to make sure you get help. Um, so that’s, it don’t want to be too modeling about this, but be sure to get us that information.

All right, click the link below, schedule a time with us, or fill out the form and get it into us. We want to reach out and touch base with whoever it is to make an introduced introduction. So we’re not strangers to them. We’re here to protect you to help you maintain and defend your lifestyle as long and as fruitfully as you can. And as we can. So we’re on your side. We want to take great care of you, help us help you.

We love y’all and we’ll talk to you real soon. Take care, looking out the window. It looks like a beautiful weekend. Have a great weekend. And we’ll talk to you all real soon.

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