Quick obvious statement, if you’ve not been living under a rock, and I know you’re not, you’ve been watching the markets ever since the first of the year it’s literally just been drip, drop, drip, dropping…and as I am writing this right now it’s waterfalling down… red on the markets charts everywhere, and so many people in the general public are freaking out and worrying, but NOT YOU, not OUR people.

It’s NOW that the training, and the discipline… everything’s coming into play. And as we’ve always promised, when the markets crash, you are safe, you’re protected, you’re in good hands. Those of you that have us managing your full household financials anyway. And those of us that have us managing some portions of their total portfolio, you know, those portions safe, foundation rock solid. You know, Sean and I were talking just yesterday, and in his former financial career working in a famous “securities-only” advisory firm (and shoot, Veronica has been in the same boat herself…) when the markets crashed, generally advisors are hiding, they’re hunkered down, they want to avoid the phones because all they’re getting is complaints. people freaking out about losing their retirement losing their life savings, but with US it is NOT an issue. You’re protected, you’re safe, we’ve got you covered.
Okay, now, I want you to remind you, we still got indexed annuities that have a 30% income bonus, and we call these long-term retirement annuities, with the 30% bonus right up front, adding your income account. So $100,000 becomes $130,000 spendable in retirement. Now what’s the catch? The catch is that 30% bonus that gets added on day one, it grows every year along the way, but you can’t spend the bonus money itself until after the 10th year. You can tap in the regular money in the regular growth but not the bonus money.

We also have a 20% up front income bonus program that we call an “early retirement index annuity.” The bonus itself is available to you as a guaranteed lifetime increasing income stream as early as one month after you put it in place. And increasing is really important because some of you may notice, not only the stock market’s crashing, but inflation as rocketing and right now the government’s admitting like an eight and a half percent inflation rate. But you know if that’s what they’re publishing, in reality, it’s
more like could be 12%, 15%, 16%, or more. Everybody is seeing grocery costs go up, Costco going up, looking at airline flights going up, looking at gasoline exploding, it’s looking like way more than 10-12%. So, bottom line here, you want to make sure that your retirement income can meet and compete with inflation moving forward. So, we got that, and we’ve got a variety of other things. If you haven’t talked to us about your rebalancing and overall allocation strategies lately, now is that time. Don’t get swept away in these markets. Don’t let the public scare you. You’re in a safer position. You’re in good hands. And we’re gonna keep on taking great care of you.

It’s almost the longest day of the year next week. So summer solstice, enjoy it looking out the window. We finally got a little bit of sun today. And I want you to have a great weekend. Relax, understand you’re in great hands. We’re looking forward to talking with you real soon.

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